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Firstly thankyou for purchasing a product from R & B Sheds.

Groundwork / Bases

Are probably the most important part of your building. if you have purchased a base from us you shouldn't have any problems.

But if you had an existing base or have laid your own please read carefully.

a lot of people think concrete or slabs bases are the best. In-fact they aren't, the problem being is once the building is placed onto the concrete the floor has no protection form the weather as it is sat directly onto concrete.

What does this mean for my building : well if you haven't got the perfect base with a run off for the water to drain properly means you will get water coming from the bottom up.

when the floor is sat on concrete and the water does not drain away the floor is going to suck the water up and look like the building is leaking, This is out of our control and why we don't recommend concrete bases. 9 out of 10 times you will find it to be ok but there is always a chance this will happen if the water is just sitting under your building, this is out of our control and nothing to do with he building it is just a natural thing to happen.

What can i do to prevent this from happening.

You can try putting guttering around your building to stop a lot of water running down the shed, or if this keeps happening you will need to raise the building off the concrete, with posts or other methods.

R & B Sheds cannot be accountable if your sheds leaks upwards if it is not on one of our bases, we will try and help and advice if possible but if we have to come and look at a building when this is the case there will be a callout charge for this.

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